The Newborn Experience

Photographing Life's First Moments Since 2010

Hello Mom-To-Be and welcome! This is such an exciting time for you! I am Haley, the owner and photographer at Haley Willingham Photography. I am so excited that you found me! I believe that getting to know my clients is the #1 way to provide an awesome experience. I would love to tell you a little more about myself. Here are some things that you should know.

 - I meet my husband Steve in collage and we have been married since 2010
 - We have 3 beautiful daughters Callie, Emery, and Sophia and a son Chance!  
 - I am also the mother of a lab we rescued when she was 4 weeks old
 - I am a proud soccer mom!  Callie plays for Washington HS & EPIC and The Twins WVFC
 - I was a preschool/elementary teacher for 6 years before I started my business
 - I started my business in 2010 after I had my twins
 - I opened my first studio in Martinsburg, WV in 2011
 - In July 2015 I moved to a fabulous new studio in downtown Shepherdstown WV 
 - I photograph around 100 newborns a year
 - I love working with newborns but I also love photographing my clients as they grow!

Now that you have gotten to know me a little bit now we are ready to talk more about the HWP Newborn Experience!

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Newborn Experience

Experience - I have been a newborn photographer for 10 years and work with an average of 100 newborns a year.  My studio is a calm environment for baby allowing time for soothing and feeding in between poses.  

Posing - My clients often call me “the baby whisperer”. I have years of experience posing newborns and safety is always my number one concern.  I have learned from top newborn photographers in the business and I know how to get a variety of poses while keeping your baby safe and calm.  

Props - My clients come into my studio and are often overwhelmed by the amount of props I have.  I have a tons of props!  Hats, wraps, bowls, baskets, headbands, and more that I have been collecting for years.  I am always adding new props to my collection.  There is no need for you to bring anything with you for your session.

Digital Editing - My focus is on magazine quality images and those require a whole other skill set. Nothing you see on my website is fresh from the camera. I include blemish removal, color enhancements, skin perfecting, and many hours of our digital editing expertise with every session.  

Why Choose Haley?

Newborn sessions are done in my beautiful downtown Shepherdstown, WV studio. - 120 W. German Street Suite 200. Here you will have access to my large variety of props. It also allows me to regulate the environment at 85 degrees where your mostly naked newborn will be most comfortable during the session. The studio will get hot for you but baby will love it! I recommend dressing in layers so you are most comfortable. I will have cold sodas and water available at the studio and you can always step outside to cool off!

If you choose Haley Willingham Photography to capture your beautiful baby, you can expect hospitality, gentle customer service, a relaxed but organized atmosphere and to have a great experience while capturing precious snapshots that will last a lifetime. I believe in creating a high quality experience during every bit of the photography process and will strive to give you the best possible experience from initial contact to images delivery.

What To Expect


It is best to book your newborn session early! I only take 10 newborns a month to be sure I have a space for you once your baby arrives. After you book your newborn session I will mark your due date down on my calendar to save a spot for you when baby arrives. After baby arrives you will contact me to set up your actual session date. Newborns are best photographed during the first 2 weeks of life. During this time newborns tend to be sleepier and retain that fresh newborn curl. After 14 days, newborns tend to develop things like colic and baby acne, they also tend to be more alert and stay awake longer.


Posed newborn sessions take place within my cozy studio. Here, you will have access to my large selection of props. It also ensures that we have the perfect lighting and cozy setting for a sleepy and happy baby. During your session, I will pose and handle your baby with the utmost care. There is no need to worry. You can sit back, relax, and watch me work with your little one. Or you can surf the internet on your phone, read a book or fill out thank you cards! I will soothe, swaddle and ensure baby is kept happy.


Following your session, I will process and retouch your images for you. This can take up to 2 weeks. Then, you will receive an email with the link to your private online image gallery, where you will be able to download your digital files. If you wish to do so you can order prints, canvases or albums from your online gallery though, no purchase is required.  

"Haley did an amazing job with our son's newborn pictures. He was a tad fussy during the session, but she took her time and went above and beyond to get great pictures that we'll cherish forever!" - Shelise Ott Henderson       

All session packages include planning for your perfect photography session, time photographing your session, professional editing, an online gallery to view and share your photos, and a set of digital files from your session in both color and b&w with print release.

A $100 deposit (for single sessions, $200-$300 for packages) is required to save a spot for you on my calendar.  It is important to book your session early as my calendar can fill up 1-2 months in advance.  Some months are very popular for newborns and fill up faster so it is a good idea to book while you are still pregnant as that is the only way I can guarantee I will have space for you on my calendar once baby arrives.  The remaining amount of your session package fee is due by your session date. 

Package are available that offer sessions throughout your baby's first year and offer a savings over booking these sessions individually.  For packages payment plans are available or you can pay the full amount up front.  


Newborn Packages

Classic Newborn Session: $600

• Up to 2 hour photo session in studio
• 25+ digital files in both color and b&w
• 10-12 wrapped and unwrapped setups/poses
• Simple parent/sibling photos included 
• Simple detail shots of hands and feet
• Access to my huge prop collection 
• Professional editing of photos 
• Online gallery to download your images

$100 deposit due when booking. The remainder of your session fee is due by your session date.
6% sale tax is added to all payments.

The classic newborn session is for you if you want more newborn and family photos from your session than the petite session provides.  Haley will plan 10-12 wrapped and unwrapped poses for your session using your questionnaire to plan for setups you will love.    

Multiples Can Book This Session

Classic Newborn Galleries

Sample Classic Newborn Galleries 

Petite Newborn Session: $400

The petite newborn session is great for you if you want just a few photos of your newborn.  Haley will plan 4 wrapped poses for your session using your questionnaire to plan for setups you will love.  Baby may or may not fall asleep during your session. Knit stretch wraps will be used to keep baby asleep and secure so that we can get the 4 poses in the 1 hour time limit.  1 Family OR Sibling wrapped pose is ok.


• Up to 1 hour photo session in studio
• 10+ digital files in both color and b&w
• 4 wrapped setups only 
• 1 parent/sibling wrapped pose can be included
• No detail shots
• Professional editing of photos
• Online gallery to download your images
• Print release

$100 deposit due when booking. The remainder of
your session fee is due by your session date.
6% sale tax is added to all payments.

Petite Newborn Galleries

Sample Petite Newborn Galleries 

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Petite Gallery 1

classic Gallery 2

Classic Gallery 3

Classic Gallery 4

Petite Gallery 4

Petite Gallery 2

Classic Galley 1

Petite Gallery 3

After your session you may purchase prints and/or products from your gallery but there is no obligation to do so.  You will have a print release and can order prints from the lab of your choice.  Though, Haley is not responsible for the quality of prints printed at other labs.  6% sales tax will be added to all session packages and product purchases.

Deluxe Newborn Session: $900

The deluxe newborn session is for you if you want a large variety of newborn only, family photos and detail shots of your newborn baby.  Haley will plan 12+ wrapped and unwrapped poses for your session using your questionnaire to plan for setups you will love. Session includes a variety of family, solo newborn, and newborn detail photos (up close macro photos of feet, hands, lips, nose, eye lashes and more).     

Multiples Can Book This Session

• Up to 3 hour photo session in studio
• 50+ digital files in both color and b&w
• 12+ wrapped and unwrapped setups/poses 
• Multiple family/sibling poses
• Multiple baby detail shots
• Access to my huge prop collection 
• Professional editing of photos 
• Online gallery to download your images
• Custom wood photo box with usb and 60 5x7       prints from your session

$100 deposit due when booking. The remainder of your session fee is due by your session date.
6% sale tax is added to all payments.

Deluxe Gallery 1

Deluxe Gallery 2

Deluxe Gallery 3

Deluxe Gallery 4

Sample Deluxe Newborn Galleries 

Deluxe Newborn Galleries


Are you having twins?  If so welcome to the club!  I am also a twin Mommy!  My identical twin girl Emery and Sophia are already 10 years old!  I honestly can't believe it!  I can also say with all honestly that the first year of their life went by in a blur.  Being a new Mom is hard but being a Mom of twins is impossible at times but we make it work!  Lots of sleepless nights and walking through the day half awake.  But, this is such a special time that should be celebrated.  You carried and brought TWO babies into this world!  I love photographing newborns but twins hold a special place in my heart.  It takes me back to when my babies where newborns and my how fast time flies.  Even though it doesn't feel like it now, one day soon your babies will be starting Kindergarten!  I am still in love with my twin's newborn photos and all of their first year photos.  Their thing 1, thing 2 cake smash is still my favorite of all time!  Having twins is so special and you deserve amazing photos to document this special time!    

I do not charge more for twin sessions but you must book the Classic or Deluxe Newborn Package because of the extra time that is required for twins!  I will take pictures of the babies together and separate.  We will go at their pace!  So, if one needs to eat I will take photos of the other one .  When they are both ready we will do photos together.  My studio is set up and spaced out to allow for me to have multiple set ups at one time so it is easy to let them dictate how the set up order goes!  

Twin Newborn Galleries

Sample Twin Newborn Galleries

Maverick & Hayden

Camron & Carson

Add On A Maternity Session

The pregnancy stage of a woman’s life is one of the fastest growing developmental times. You are growing a baby – yay you! I know it’s not always comfortable…the cramps, the bloating, the swelling…oh my.  Not feeling so amazing?! It’s ok. My job as a photographer is to make you look and feel amazing for just about an hour. Then you can throw your legs up and eat chocolate the rest of the day!

Maternity Session : $400

• 45 minute in studio or on-location session
• Poses with father and/or siblings
• Access to my collection of maternity gowns
• 25+ digital files in both color and b&w
• Professional editing of images
• Online gallery to download your images
• Unlimited personal print release

$100 deposit due when booking.  The remainder of your session fee is due by your session date.

*Maternity & Classic Newborn Package: $900
(payment plans available)

Maternity Galleries

Sample Maternity Galleries 

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Gallery 1

Gallery 4

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

A maternity session is designed to celebrate and document the precious new life growing within. This is one of my favorite sessions as it is a combination of glamour, beautiful belly and romance. A maternity session can be an artistic studio shoot or it can take place at a location of your choice. Some favorites include a river or natural field shortly before sunset, one of the many gorgeous parks, gardens or wooded areas in the area. Dad and baby’s siblings are encouraged to join you for this session!

30 to 36 weeks is perfect for most moms to be. This is a time frame where your beautiful belly is of ample size yet you’re not as “puffy” and uncomfortable as you may be in your last 4 to 6 weeks. Though I have shot maternity sessions up close to delivery with beautiful results, feedback from expecting moms has encouraged me to advise clients towards the earlier side where mamas-to-be are feeling their best and are more comfortable than they may be later.

When To Schedual

The clothes that you wear during your session will play a vital role in how you feel during the shoot and about your photographs. We really want to show off your beautiful form, so choose a few outfits that accentuate your beautiful body! I love form fitting tops with chunky sweaters or long flowing dresses. You can choose your favorite maternity outfit but solid colors work best. As far as specific colors, it is completely up to you. Personally, I LOVE pastels and whites to create more vintage inspired images. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful! I also have some maternity outfit that I can provide.

What To Wear

Baby's First Year Packages


• Tummy Time Session With 20 Digital Files
• Sitter Milestone Session With 20 Digital Files
• Cake Smash Session With 25 Digital Files
• Professional editing of photos
• Online gallery to download your images
• Parent/sibling photos included

**Book a Milestone Package and Newborn Session together and save $100 off the Newborn Session of your choice.  

Your baby will change and grow so much during the first year of life.  It is important to capture those moments!  Milestone sessions include a 45 minute in studio session and up to 3 outfit changes.  You can bring your own outfits or I have some at the studio you can use.  Cake Smash sessions include a background setup and cake in the colors/theme of your choice plus a bath tub splash session to follow.  You can bring your own outfit for the cake smash or choose from ones I have at the studio.  Packages offer a huge savings over booking individually but, if you book your milestone sessions after your newborn session they are $300 for Tummy Time or Sitter and $350 for a Cake Smash.

Milestone Galleries

Sample Milestone Galleries 

Cake Smash Galleries

Sample Cake Smash Galleries 

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Baby's First Year Gold:$1800 (savings Of $300)

Milestone Package:$900
(Savings Of $100)

• Maternity Session 
• Deluxe Newborn Session 
• Tummy Time Milestone Session (3-4 Months)
• Sitter Milestone Session (6-8 Months)
• Cake Smash or First Birthday Session 
• Online gallery to download your images
• Parent/sibling photos included
• Payment Plans Available.

***Wood Photo Box delivered at the end of your first year with all sessions included.  Online galleries will be delivered 2 weeks after each session to download your images.  

Tummy Time




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"My wife and I have used Haley for a few years now. From our engagement and wedding pictures, to maturity and newborn pictures. Each time we are blown away and more amazed at her amazing work. Today when she did our newborn pictures she was so calm and gentle our little boy never cried once. We will continue to use Haley for years to come and definitely recommend her."  Tyler Dressel


Q: Does my session fee include digital files? How do I get my digital files and where do I order prints and products

A: All of my packages include your digital files. Up to 2 weeks after your session you will receive your online gallery and choose your digital files from that gallery.  At that time you may upgrade to purchase all digital files from your gallery and/or order professional prints and products.  With your digital files you will have a print release to order your prints or products from anywhere you choose. Please note that printing images from cheap labs such as chain stores will result in images of lesser quality. I recommend my client print through for the best quality prints. I do also provide my clients with printing services if you want to have professional quality print for your home. If you print images larger then 11x14 I highly recommend going through me and my professional print lab to print your images so I can insure the quality of your wall art. The beautiful canvases and albums you will see in my studio are also available to purchase. 

Q: Do you Offer A Baby Plan?

A: Yes! My Baby's First Year Package will capture your child from maternity through their first birthday cake smash in 5 amazing session.  For this package you will also get a FREE upgrade to ALL digital files from each session and a keepsake photo box with USB and 60 5x7 prints.  Babies grow and change so much during the first year it is important to document every wonderful stage.

Q: When Should I Schedule My Newborn Appointment?

A: It is best to book as soon as possible as I take a limited amount of sessions each month. If you know you want me to capture your newborn it is best to book once you are 12 weeks along to be sure I have a spot for you once baby arrives. I will use your due date to block off a spot for you. Once baby arrives e-mail me within the first 48 hours to schedule your actual session date and time. 

Q: When Do We Pay You?

A: A $100 deposit is due when you book your session in order to save your spot on my calendar for your session after baby arrives. The remainder of your session fee is due at the end of your session. For multiple session packages payment plans are available.  I accept credit card, check, or cash at the studio. 

Q: I love all the hats and knits and props I see on the babies in your portfolio. Do you provide those?

A: Yes! I have a huge selection of props at the studio and I am always buying more!  You do not have to bring any props with you to your session and I prefer you not to.  I know what items will look best on baby and provide those to you.  A lot of knit items are often too big for newborns and look strange on. Though, if you have a sentimental item feel free to bring that and we will work it into the session!

Q: What should we bring with us for our newborn session?

A: Lots of diapers! If you will be formula feeding, also bring lots of extra formula. If you are nursing, be prepared to nurse a few times while you are there. I keep the room very warm for baby so please dress accordingly (layers are your friend).  As pacifier is also very handy in helping to sooth baby between poses.  

Q: Do you ever have baby's who do not cooperate for their session

A: Lots of diapers! If you will be formula feeding, also bring lots of extra formula. If you are nursing, be prepared to nurse a few times while you are there. I keep the room very warm for baby so please dress accordingly (layers are your friend). As pacifier is also very handy in helping to sooth baby between poses. 

So.....What's Next?

Do you think I would be the perfect newborn photographer for you?  If so E-mail me back and let me know what package you want to book.  Then, I will send you an invoice for the deposit, contract, and questionnaire to help me plan for your session.  I will put your due date on my calendar to hold a spot for you.  Then once baby arrives e-mail me and we will sent up your actual session date.  I only book 10 newborns a month to make sure I have space once your baby arrives!

Thank You

I’m so glad you contacted me! Enjoy this wonder time in your life and get excited because your new little one will be here soon! Congratulations on your new little one and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

XOXO Haley