Studio Backdrops

Watermarks Are Not On Backdrops When Being Photographed

Super Day

Wild One

My Favorite Party

Monster Party

Dreaming Of Spring

Farmer Red

Grandma's Porch

Super Star ONE

Opal Garden

Little Adventurer

Dreaming Of Fishing

Home Run

Butterfly Garden Party

Old Mac Party

Dino Party

Little Mechanic

These backdrops are just a sample of the backgrounds Haley has at her studio.  For your cake smash session Haley can accommodate any theme of your choice if you book your session at least 1 month in advance.

These are backdrops.  EVERYTHING pictured is on the drop.  I can add things but I can't take them away or move them.  

Birthday Boy

Star Party

Garden Party

Moonlit Camp

Garden Glee Coral

Hundred Acre Wood

Harvest Party

Winter Onederland


Little Adventurer

Fairy Party

Wish Upon A Star

One In A Mellon

OFishally One

Mouse Party

Andy's Room

Lemonade Stand


Rookie Of The Year

Rainbow Party


Jungle Party

Boho Rainbow

Under The Sea

Cowgirl Party

Blue Party

4th Of July Camper

Fun At The Circus

Wall Of Love

Easter Paint

Boho Balloons

Peach Balloons

Fall Lights

Pastel Spring